Currently Scheduled Training Programs

SPA-24A – 2-Day Payments Tokenization Business Planning Course

New York: September 18-19

Payments Tokenization in the Real Business World. The Threats and Opportunities for Your Customer Relationships. This 2-day tokenization course provides a a business oriented introduction to tokenization. Course details. 

SPA-24B – 3-Day Payments Tokenization Product Planning Course

New York: September 20-22

Leveraging Payments Tokenization into New Products and Services:
Taking Control of Your Payments. This 3-day course provides a road map for the monetization of payments tokenization into new products and service offerings by merchants, processors, corporates and issuers. Course details.

SPA-24 – 5-Day Payments Tokenization Deep Dive
New York: September 18-22

Leveraging Payments Tokenization into new Products and Services - Taking Control of Your Payments. This 5-day deep dive into tokenization is the combination of the 2-day tokenization business planning course (SPA-24A) and 3-day tokenization product planning course (SPA-24B). Course details.

SPA-19 – 3-Day Payment Fraud: Card Present Fraud detection and Mitigation, Card Not Present (eCommerce) Payments and CNP Fraud types, Detection, and Mitigation
New York: October 10-12
Toronto: October 16-18

This 3-day course examines payment fraud for both card present and card not present transactions and addresses developments in detection and mitigation that have arisen post COVID-19 as more transactions have gone online and the rates of fraudulent transactions have skyrocketed. Course details.

SPA-20 – 3-Day Payment Fundamentals, Digital Payment Frameworks and Payment Security

New York: October 23-25
Toronto: October 30 - November 1

This training program examines the history of payments, culminating in the current models used internationally. We analyze the different parties in a payment ecosystem and review the current payment technology platforms. We also examine the creation, securitization and processing of payment transactions, some of the new technologies and channels becoming available for payments systems and project implementation for systems management tasks. Course details.

Customized and In-house Training Programs

We offer training programs customized to your organizations payments training needs. We are also able to offer these programs in-house or virtually. If you would be interested exploring options for customized or in-house training programs, please contact us at: 

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