The Future of Virtual Currencies

The Future of Virtual Currencies

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Virtual currencies promise to be the internet of finance – symbiotic with, and supportive, of the internet of everything. More than 3,000 cryptocurrencies have been developed and new ICO's are launched every month. Bitcoin stands out, both in terms of valuation and mindshare, but it is still early days in this new and dynamic space.

All over the world, governments and regulators are responding, some with outright bans on the use of virtual currencies, while others have issued warnings that these 'currencies' and developments should not be ignored by financial institutions. There is much hope, but there is also much uncertainty, and risk.

While skepticism about the sustainability of virtual currencies is high, there is increasing recognition that the underlying technology has the potential to disrupt traditional centralized ‘trust’ models and usher in a new era of distributed ‘trustless’ engagement.

How is the future of virtual currencies likely to unfold? This new report from Technology Strategies International Inc. provides detailed and insightful analysis of alternative futures for virtual currencies, and the potential disruptive impact of virtual currency technologies.

The Future of Virtual Currencies addresses the following key questions for senior executives in organizations that may be affected by developments in virtual currency technology:

  • What is really happening beneath the surface in the virtual currency space?
  • What is likely to happen in the future?
  • How should we prepare ourselves for the future?

Highlights of the report include:

  • An analysis of the drivers of the development of virtual currencies and their underlying technologies
  • The evolution of virtual currencies and most promising future developments
  • Consumer perceptions and uptake of virtual currencies
  • Key opportunity areas
  • Regulatory responses and their impact on market development
  • Alternative futures and the potential for disruption

The Future of Virtual Currencies is an essential in-depth strategic information resource for senior executives in industries that are likely to be affected by the broad adoption of virtual currency technology.

About the report
Publication date: November 2014
Number of pages: 78
Charts and tables: 27

Desk research
Executive interviews
Primary market research amongst 1,000 consumers
Analysis and insight, based on 25 years of advising clients in the international payments market 

Table of Contents (High-level)

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • The Birth of Modern Alternative Currencies
  • Technology Overview: From the Genesis Block to a Controlled Supply of Currency
  • Future Technology Trajectories
  • Consumer Perspectives
  • Key Opportunity Areas
  • Regulation of Virtual Currencies
  • Alternative Futures
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