3-Day Payment Fraud Detection and Mitigation Program - New York

3-Day Payment Fraud Detection and Mitigation Program - New York

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Card Fraud Types, Detection and Mitigation for Card Present and Card Not Present (eCommerce) Payments

Scheduled Course Dates1
New York: TBD - 2H 2024

Course Code: SPA-19

Course Context

Card Not Present (eCommerce) online transactions grown rapidly since the advent of COVID-19 and remains elevated as more and more consumers shift to online shopping. This has been accompanied by a sharp increase in Card Not Present (CNP) Fraud. This course aims to provide delegates with actionable insights on how to combat fraud by delving into the different technologies and standards that have emerged in the payments space.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Describe the fraud types for card present transactions.
  • Analyze security types provided by EMV for both contact and contactless transactions
  • Identify differences between CNP and card present fraud patterns
  • Evaluate how tokenization impacts CNP fraud types
  • Explain how FIDO and 3DS detect fraud
  • Illustrate how SRC and PCI function within the CNP environment

Who should Attend:

  • Merchant System Operations, Engineering
  • Issuer/Processor Operations, Engineering
  • Fraud Analysis personnel
  • System Architects and Developers
  • Product Development and Product Marketing
  • IT and Technical Departments
  • Vendors of CNP fraud detection Systems

Course Overview

Day 1 –Payment Card Fraud – Card Present Fraud and Its Mitigation

  • Card Present Fraud
  • Card present fraud types
  • EMV Technology
  • Features of EMV Security
  • Deep dive into EMV Security types
  • Effects of EMV on Card Present Fraud
  • NFC Contactless Technology
  • NFC Security
  • Use of CDCVM (Consumer Device Cardholder Verification Method)
  • Mobile Devices as Card Present Transactions

Day 2 – Payment Card Fraud - CNP Fraud, Detection and Mitigation

  • Differences between Card Present and Card Not Present transactions
  • CNP Transaction basics
  • CNP Fraud Types
  • CNP Fraud Detection
  • CNP Fraud
  • Relative Fraud Type values
  • Total Fraud Type Values
  • Techniques for CNP Fraud Detection
  • Tokenization
  • Quantum Computing effect on fraud and encryption
  • QC Safe Processing and Data protection

Day 3 – Payment Card Fraud – FIDO, 3DS and SRC for CNP Fraud and Mitigation

  • FIDO (Fast Identity Online)
  • Introduction EMVCo 3DS2.2
  • Components of 3DS2.2
  • Data types collected
  • Analysis of data collected
  • How to decide Approval or Decline of transactions
  • Example of a 3DS2.2 system
  • SRC/One Click Standards
  • Live 2-factor authentication demonstration


In delivering these training programs we aim for an immersive experience in which delegates can apply the information and skills gained during the course in their organizational contexts. The training program includes at least four hands-on exercises each day to provide delegates with the opportunity to reinforce their learnings and ensure that the learning outcomes are achieved.

Students will receive a course workbook and completion certificate at the conclusion of the program.


SPA-19: A 3-Day – Payment Fraud Detection and Mitigation course, is brought to you by Secure Payments Academy, in partnership with Technology Strategies International Inc. and VCS Technologies Inc.


1. We reserve the right to reschedule or cancel the course if we have insufficient registrations for the course. Delegates will be have the option of registering for the newly scheduled dates or a full refund, at their sole discretion.

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