1-Day Payments Tokenization Workshop

1-Day Payments Tokenization Workshop

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Payments Tokenization in the Real Business World:
Who Does What to Whom, and Why It is Important for Your Business

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Scheduled Course Dates1:
New York: June 19
Toronto: June 26

These dates are chosen so that delegates can follow this workshop with the 4-Day Payments Tokenization Deep-Dive Training Program

Course Code: SPA-24A

Why a course on Payments Tokenization, and why now?

Retail Payments Tokenization has been available for some time. However, the current tokenization offerings and technologies are only the first generation of a very powerful payments management capability. The product and service plans of merchants, corporates, issuers and processors depend on those organizations’ understanding of how tokenization really works and how to manage its impact on their businesses.

This 1-Day workshop provides a business-oriented introduction to the technology of tokenization, how it works, who the key stakeholders are and the roles they play in controlling the business and the data generated by payments tokenization. These key stakeholders include leading vendor and outsource solutions, with a on focus the card scheme offerings. Of particular importance is the generation and control of the additional business data generated by tokenization. (hint: there are options for businesses to take further control of their payments through appropriately structured tokenization services.)

Aim of The Course:

The aim of this course is to provide delegates with a basis for making business decisions as to whether or not taking control of payments tokenization warrants serious consideration by issuers, processors, merchants or corporates.

By the end of this comprehensive training program, delegates will be able to undertake in-depth analyses of tokenization in the context of their organization, enabling them to make informed decisions on the adoption and use (or not) of payments tokenization in their payment environment.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Identify the relevance of payments tokenization to the delegate’s organization
  • Describe how tokenization is accomplished within the payments ecosystem
  • Identify optional business models for tokenization services
  • Identify the products and services business potentials arising from tokenization

Who Should Attend:

Those responsible for making decisions or advising on product and service offering in their organization. This workshop is designed for delegates having some familiarity with tokenization and interested in learning more as to how payments tokenization might fit within their organization. 

Related Courses

This 1 day workshop can be used as an introduction to a follow on SPA-24B – 4-Day Payments Tokenization Deep-Dive, where delegates will be able to undertake in-depth analyses of tokenization in the context of their organization, enabling them to make informed decisions on the adoption, design and use (or not) of payments tokenization in their payment environment.  See details of this course here: SPA-24B – 4-Day Payments Tokenization Deep-Dive.

Delegates who register for this 1-day introductory course as well as the 4-day deep dive course will receive an 8% discount on the combined package (applied at checkout).

Program Details:

In delivering these training programs we aim for an immersive experience in which delegates can apply the information and skills gained during the course in their organizational contexts. The workshop program includes at least four hands-on exercises to provide delegates with the opportunity to reinforce their learnings and ensure that the learning outcomes are achieved.

Students will receive a course workbook and completion certificate at the conclusion of this workshop.

Course Overview

Why Payments Tokenization?

  • Fraud protection
  • Transaction security
  • New opportunities for online payments

How tokenisation really works

  • The lifecycle of a payments token
  • Tokenization within the payments ecosystem
  • The tokenization data model

The business of payments tokenisation

  • Leading vendors, services and technologies
  • The card schemes and their competitors
  • In house and outsource options

Getting to your business case

  • The end market perspective
  • Liability, compliance and risk
  • A high stakes SWOT outline


1. We reserve the right to reschedule or cancel the course if we have insufficient registrations for the course. Delegates will be have the option of registering for the newly scheduled dates or a full refund, at their sole discretion.
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